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At the AFA Ásatrú Academy, we provide curriculum guidance each school year for homeschooling families. We acknowledge students' natural phases of learning in all that we do. We believe in teaching to the whole child--Mind, Body, and Spirit. Guided by the Ásatrú faith and AFA values, we honor the wisdom of our elders and ancestors. Equipped with the appropriate tools snd skills, we will see generations of Ásatrú families committed to lifelong creativity and education.

While the traditional school year runs September through May, we do have ongoing enrollment if space is available in the program. Students may take as long as they need to complete their grade level program under our guidance. The AFA Ásatrú Academy will assist with evaluation, but ultimately a parent will make the decision about when their student is ready to progress to the next grade level. 

Our program currently aligns with the following grade levels:

Kindergarten K-1

Kindergarten K-2

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

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