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The goal of kindergarten is to set the base and build a strong foundation for the years to come. The goal is to set your child on a right and Tru path of learning for years, based on solid knowledge and steeped in the Asatru faith and AFA values. We seek to develop the whole child; Mind, body, and spirit. The lesson plans will progress month by month, and while the lessons are set up for three days of school, you may take 5 or 7, whatever is the best for your individual needs. There will be multimedia presentations in the members section of the website, such as “story time with Gothi Svan”, and “Folk Minute with Gothi Rob”, these are intended to supplement your story times and teaching your child about our wonderful Aryan people and our stories. A list of recommended books is included. Each lesson plan will include activities, not just scholastic, but activities meant to build bonds with you the parents, and strengthen their bodies as well. Religious instruction is also included at a level appropriate for kindergarteners. Please tune into the weekly zoom meeting so that our students can get to know each other, and our teachers. The key is to not get over stressed. The recommended guidelines for time spent in kindergarten each day is a total of 90 minutes, with only 3 to 5 minutes of sustained attention. You can of course spend more time if you wish. In kindergarten there are three core subjects that students must learn; Math, writing, and reading. Approximately 30 minutes each day will be spent on these subjects, broken into bite size bits. Extra subjects such as art, music, folk tales, etc., can be added in as desired. By the end of kindergarten, the student should have the following skills/knowledge: 

  • Counting up to 100 

  • Naming and writing all 26 letters of the alphabet 

  • Recognizing upper- and lower-case letters 

  • Read about 30 high frequency words, such as; the, was, and, in 

  • Writing simple words such as “dog” “cat” 

  • Reading the time 

  • Organizing objects by size, shape and weight. 

Typically, the school year will begin in September and end in May, with the summer devoted exclusively to religious study. However, students may take as long as they need to complete the program and meet the guidelines, provided they are ready to progress to first grade by the beginning of the next school year. The AFA academy will assist with evaluation, but ultimately a parent will make the decision if a student is ready to progress to the next grade level. 


This booklet is designed as a guideline/lesson plan for the year. Worksheets and book lists, website support and other material can be found in the members/student's section of the Academy website. 


Welcome to the AFA Asatru academy, we hope you will enjoy this journey in education and faith! 

***This is a small sample of our basic program. When you are accepted into the Academy you'll receive full access to all materials and our online learning platform.***

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